About Us

IT Spectrum Co. Ltd was established in 2015 at Naypyitaw for IT services. IT Spectrum Co.Ltd serves IT Technology works. Company worked about maintenance for MICC-1 and MICC2, Network for Naypyitaw Council, Network Control Remote Management System of Public relations LED Boards for Naypyitaw City Development Committee, Data Management and Monitoring System (Zabbix).

In Naypyitaw Council area, Internet service can be used with cheaper prize, we got Internet Service Provider License (NFS) and Internet Service Provider License (Class) and we are constructing Towers, Wireless, and Fiber Optic Cable for the Internet services. The name of Trade mark of IT Spectrum Co., Ltd which is mm-link is working service for Internet Service base on Naypyitaw.

IT Spectrum Co., Ltd which is mm-link mother’s company has been working service since in 2015 at Naypyitaw. IT Spectrum work for Network service, Fiber service, WIFI Internet service, DATA Center Service, Internet Security Service and yearly Maintenances in Naypyitaw.

IT Spectrum Company Ltd., is a Services company with wireless internet services and Fiber Optic cable by expert engineers.

IT Spectrum Company Ltd., serves Internet as follows;

  • Ministry office
  • NGOs
  • Companies
  • Ministries
  • Public


To provide the best service in essential ICT sector for modern and developed country
(Connecting people and community)


To provide the best service of Internet service for the people as reasonable prize can be used everybody.